Factory Certification

Panley Paper Products Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that Panley Paper Products Factory has passed the following audit projects:

ESCP “Ethical Supply Chain Program”
ISO 9001 certification program
Disney Code of Conduct factory certification program
NBCUniversal factory certification program
FSC Chain-of-Custody certification
BSCI Code of Conduct
The above certifications indicate that our factory is fully compliant with the Code of Business Practices established by the above organizations, including the industry recognized Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP). The factory has established effective and verifiable systems to satisfy all the Code provisions. Moreover, all the products are manufactured in a safe and humane environments as well as in a social responsible manner.
For more information, please visit the ESCP official website at www.ethicalsupplychain.org for the complete details of the ESCP’s Code of Business Practices. Our professional sales team is also happy to provide more information to ensure your 100% confidence of our factory’s ability to meet the highest International Standard in the toy industry.

Panley management team

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