• 6 color Printing Machine
  • 5 color Printing Machine
  • 4 color Printing Machine
  • Silk-screen Printing Machine
  • CTP (Computer To Plate)
  • Automatic Jigsaw Cutting and Breaking machine
  • FMC Automatic Box Wrapping and Erecting Machine
  • Rollem Rotary Knife Card Cutting and Stacking Machine
  • Automatic Die Cut Machine
  • Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine
  • Automatic Box gluing Machine
  • Crathern Laminating Machine
  • Game Board Machine
  • General Assembly and Packing

Tooling Section

We can make the difference puzzle dies and tooling in house. Our engineers can design and creative difference kinds of dies for our customers.

QA Laboratories

Our internal laboratory will support ASTM and EN testing requirements for product development and mass production.

The Equipments:

  • Bursting Tester
  • UPC Meter
  • Magnet Gauss Meter
  • Drop Test
  • Transportation Simulator
  • Aging and Pre-condition Oven
  • Push/Pull Force Scale
  • Metal Detector
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